Bal-ony Place is a soulful well-being centre nestled in the beautiful rainforest onto Sunshine Coast at Forest Glen.

A place you can close your eyes to the outside world, relax, unwind and re-connect back to your innate self, where your true spirit can shine.

Our natural rainforest ambiance allows you to experience the subtle nurturing of mother nature, while restoring BALance & harmONY to your mind, body & soul, creating optimal health, well-being and personal growth.

"creating space for yourself is the best gift you can give yourself & your loved ones" 

We want to share services that make you feel nurtured, loved and special, so check out our therapies, events & workshop pages for more info on the following;

  • Essentail Oils (plant medicine)
  • Room Hire
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Massage
  • Mediation
  • Natural & Holistic Treatments
  • Goddess Connections
  • Soulful Business
  • Vibrational Essences
  • Self Empowering Workshops
  • Healthy Lifestyle Workshops
  • plus so much more......


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The dream of helping others was beautifully orchestrated over 8 years ago; build a wellness centre to create a safe haven for women (and men) to feel safe to heal and connect back to their 'home' their 'heart' where true healing takes place! BUT not all things turn out rosy and we spent 5 years trying to sell our property however the universe had other plans!

SO today we stand with a new beautifully renovated centre to embrace the many that come through our doors.  A tribe of likeminded souls all reaching for the most beautiful aspect of human existence 'pure love'!  


"We provide the space, self empowerment is over to you" 


Rob & Renai along with their children Bobbie (13) & Raynbow (10) share their love of natural health and wellness with you and are honoured that we get to call you our soulful friends!  

So looking forward to meeting you and being apart of your journey to shining your innate light!



As I drove into the place it was almost like the trees were welcoming me home! I felt so relaxed and at peace that I didn’t want to leave
— Tina O'Gorman

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