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Essential oils 101

Essential Oils 101

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Enjoy our fun, informative class with Holistic lifestyle & business coach Renai Stupart as she inspires you to live a healthy, balanced life full of joy and happiness! 

Learn how essential oils have made amazing changes to her's and many others womens lives enhancing their health and overall wellbeing.  She uses them everyday in all aspects of her life for physical, emotional & mental support -WHY? because they absolutely work, smell dam fine in the process of using them & they come straight from nature! Now who can say they feel that good about using products from a chemist! 

This class is perfect for you if your soul is crying out for something different to what your currently doing that isn't working, looking for natural solutions and curious about essential oils! 



::  What are essential oils & how can they benefit you and your family?

::  What are the best oils women need to support them?

::  Learn Beautiful company, with like minded women 

::  Delicious healthy treats to try, infused with essential oils (natural sweet treats, perfect to eat when those afternoon cravings hit)

::  Devine relaxation meditation

::  Amazing giveaway & free gifts

::  Take home goodie bag with natural products & a free oil

::  Learn how these beautiful gifts from nature can support you & your family, they are potent plant extracts our bodies can easily absorb and utilise.

::  Discover a company with heart that places value and focus on their ethical, humanitarian worldly support efforts, helping 1000’s of people which you can become part of the movement

::  Discover how 3rd world countries are thriving in the communities that grow & harvest the plantations, at the best location where the oils thrive in their natural environment

::  Learn how to support dis-ease, illness, moods, hormone imbalance, food intolerances, stress, emotional support, weight management etc 

::  Bring a friend & receive a free gift! 

::  Plus so much more!



This is a loving FREE workshop held by Holistic lifestyle Coach, Renai Stupart (with over 14 year experience), and spaces are limited for those that are NEW to doTERRA without an account.

Our focus is to provide the opportunity for everyone to explore these amazing earth oils first hand & their health benefits, so if you already have an account please view our 'Exploring Your Essential Oils' educational workshop so others have the beautiful chance to be introduced to the oils at this workshop.

Bookings are essential due to venue space & catering. Be sure to book your spot early to avoid disappointment & only 1 ticket per person. If your bringing a loved one please have them register as well so we have their full details!


about the host...

                                                            RENAI STUPART

                                                            RENAI STUPART


Hi Beautiful, I’m Renai,  a holistic lifestyle coach, mama of 2, business & self empowerment facilitator & entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in the health & wellness industry.

I am a passionate advocate for living a life full of love, happiness and awesome health, and  through strategies I've put in place I know how to support you to make it easy, simple and quick for you to grow to your full potential.  

As a personal coach, my passion is to have every home living a non-tox lifestyle where healthy is the new sexy! My diverse background in travel & hospitality, landscape construction & the health industry has given me a chance to explore the food chain from the ground up and having children opened my eyes to the unconscious ways we are treating ourselves and our environment.  

Having a loved one diagnosed with bowel cancer over 13 years ago it changed the way my family live our lives.  Health is my number one priority, from organic food, to natural products and even the impact on the environment, complemented with daily techniques for the body, mind & spirit, maintainsing our overall wellbeing which is a vital part to staying happy and healthy!  For me it's not a fad it's a lifestyle and it's easy and fun because it's a soulful passion!