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Live Life Naturally Series (make your own roller bottles)

Emotional Healing

Understanding your emotions & how to work with them


Each week we focus on a topic that helps support you to make lasting changes in your life to live a healthy, happy lifestyle while having fun and connecting with life minded people!  

We will show you simple & easy ways to use the oils in your every day life; food, skincare, home cleaning, laundry, outdoors, pets, physical health support plus so much more...  You will see how easy it is and how a simple swap can have huge benefits on yours and your family's overall health.  Make your health your top priority!


This is a beautiful informative class introducing you to the health benefits of essential oils and how they can support you & your emotions.  We look at the various reasons why our emotions become out of tune with our true self and that they do not define you, they are not who you truely are and understanding them will empower you to lead a more balanced lifestyle.  We look at reasons why you react the way you do or why we feel the way we do and how we can learn to overcome the obstacles that might seem you'll never over come!



> Beautiful company, with like minded women

> Guided class to understanding you are not your emotions, how to recognise when they arrive and how to keep them in check! You will learn techniques and tools to support you on your journey back to a balanced lifestyle!

> Enjoy delicious healthy treats infused with essential oils

> Amazing giveaway & free gifts

> Take home goodie bag with natural products & a free oil

> Learn how these beautiful gifts from nature can support you & your family, they are potent plant extracts our bodies can easily absorb and utilise.

> Discover a company with heart that places value and focus on their ethical, humanitarian worldly support efforts, helping 1000’s of people which you become part of their efforts.

> Discover how 3rd world countries are thriving in the communities that grow & harvest the plantations, in the best locations where the oils thrive in their natural environment

> Plus so much more!




Bring your friends and family & make a fun day of it! Plus your providing them with the opportunity to live a better more wholesome life using the gifts of mother nature, how awesome does that feel!

Spaces are limited spaces & bookings are essential for catering purposes. Be sure to book your spot early to avoid disappointment! We can't wait to meet you!


about the host...

                                                            RENAI STUPART

                                                            RENAI STUPART


Hi Beautiful, I’m Renai,  a holistic lifestyle coach, mama of 2, business & self empowerment facilitator & entrepreneur.

I am a passionate advocate for living a life full of love, happiness and awesome health, and brings over a decade of experience within business and the wellness industry through strategies I've put in place to make it easy, simple and quick for you to grow to your full potential.  

As a personal coach, my passion is to have every home living a non-tox lifestyle where healthy is the new sexy! My diverse background in travel & hospitality, landscape construction & the health industry has given me a chance to explore the food chain from the ground up and having children opened my eyes to the unconscious ways we are treating ourselves and our environment.  

Having a loved one diagnosed with bowel cancer over 13 years ago it changed the way my family live our lives.  Health is my number one priority, from organic food, to natural products and even the impact on the environment, complemented with daily techniques for the body, mind & spirit, maintainsing our overall wellbeing which is a vital part to staying happy and healthy!  For me it's not a fad it's a lifestyle and it's easy and fun because it's a soulful passion!

Earlier Event: 1 August
Later Event: 17 September
Live Life Naturally Series (Healthy Home)